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Fire Protection System

We design and construct active fire protection system for various needs. We specialise in different systems including Hydrant system (dry riser and wet riser), Fire hose reel system, Sprinkler systems and FM 200. We also supply and install fire pumps...

Supply, Installation, commissioning and repair of centrifugal pumps

We are experts in sizing, supply, installation and commissioning of different kind of centrifugal pumps for different projects. We also repair, service and refurbish pumps for optimum efficiency. [tw-service-box]

Construction of pressure Filtration Vessels

We design and construct pressure filtration vessels of different sizes using both Mild Steel and Stainless steel for water treatment processes. [tw-service-box]

Construction of pipeline and process pipping

We construct pipeline and reticulate process piping networks. We lay pipes of different materials including; HDPE, Mild Steel, UPVC, Stainless steel and Ductile Iron pipes. [tw-service-box]

Construction of Water treatment plant

We are expert in the design, construction, rehabilitation, upgrade a d commissioning of treatment plant of all sizes. [tw-service-box]