Fire Services

Active Fire Protection System

We design, execute, maintain as well as supply accessories for ACTIVE FIRE PROTECTION (AFP) SYSTEM including Fire alarm and detection system Hydrant system Sprinkler system Water spray system Clean agent system We have experienced technicians in all field of fire protection including sprinkler filters, plumbers, electrician, fitters, and fire alarm specialist among others.

Our Active Fire Protection Products Range

Fire Hydrant System

We design and execute complete fire hydrant system with all accessories and ancillaries. We are proficient in the use different pipe materials for the construction of our mains ranging from Mild steel, HDPE and DI. We also conduct proper and adequate integrity test on our installations to ensure they meet up with Nigeria and international standards

Fire Hose System

We always provide quality high pressure hoses, and hose reel with all accessories and ancillaries including hose cabinets, fire hose reel etc. we do proper reinstatement and finishing for wall or structural modifications as needed on the project execution. Our installation is according to codes and standards including NFPA, FM GLOBAL etc to ensure satisfactory operations of our system

Sprinklers System

We execute sprinklers system from PUMP SYSTEM, MONITORING AND CONTROL, FABRICATION AND INSTALLATION OF MAINS AND LOOPS using different pipes and accessories according to standards and client’s budgets ensuring proper sprinkler heads and accessories are used all the mains and loops are pressure tested commissioned and maintained based on client’s requirements

Dry Risers System

We fabricate and install dry riser system complete with landing valves, breeching inlets, drains and other ancillaries. We also advice our clients in maintenance and revamp of existing systems

Our Clients

We work close with our clients projets
to provide a unique experience

  • Beta Glass
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Seven Up Bottling Co
  • Sarplast
  • May & Baker
  • Mar & Mor
  • Fan Milk
  • Falcon
  • Cleanserve
  • Bells Univeristy